by tamino » Mon Mar 15, 2021 8:42 pm
OK, so here's what I know so far --

In April 2020 I contacted Sonic to ask about downgrading my Fusion to a voice-only POTS line and was told that once a neighborhood gets fiber, that that isn't possible anymore. Which, well, okay, if that's the policy, then fair enough.

In December 2020 I spoke on the phone with a Sonic support person who gave me a heads-up that "eventually, someday" my Fusion line with its analog POTS component, would just plain cease to be. It's not going to last forever. But they weren't able to tell me if I had six months left, or six years.

Does anyone know (or have a good guesstimate) of how long we've got until our copper Fusion lines will just stop working? I'm in Sunnyvale, in case it matters.