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Installation troubles, getting really frustrated

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2021 5:55 pm
by cchung289
I ordered Sonic internet for my new apartment on January 30th. I received my modem a few days after, but had issues with the internet. After calling tech support, they scheduled me for 2/17 for a technician to come in and take a look (2 weeks away but no worries, I still needed to move stuff in, etc.). The technician came in 2/17 and "fixed" the issue, but the connection was insanely slow (about 3mbps). No worries, I thought. I'll just upgrade! A few days later, the wi-fi stopped working. I thought maybe the new modem for Fusion2x could help fix that. Nope. Service light blinking red, and the Broadband 2 light was off. Tech support was able to get the service light back to green, but broadband 2 was still having a problem. I am scheduled with AT&T for an appointment tomorrow (2/25) and Sonic scheduled ANOTHER appointment for 3/12.

I'm getting real close to just calling the whole thing off and going with Xfinity. Wanted to give Sonic a chance after using Xfinity for so long. Pretty frustrated and disappointed with the service so far. I can imagine the tech supports reading off their script and just sitting there while putting me on hold. Internet installation should not take more than a month, and it shouldn't take more than two weeks to send a technician.

Is Sonic really worth the trouble or should I just jump back to the Xfinity ship?

Re: Installation troubles, getting really frustrated

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:38 am
by syntaxsid1

We apologize for that horrible experience! Upon reviewing your account we can determine that AT&T failed to deliver that secondary line so there was no sync at the exterior phone box. We have to then get them out there (the appointment for today) to get them to actually deliver the signal TO your home. Once they deliver BOTH lines your service should be working. There is a chance that if no one at that address had dual line service before, there may only be one wire pair connected at that phone box. This is why they scheduled a Sonic technician to come out after AT&T delivers the line so we can ensure it's properly connected so you are getting the dual line service TO your router. Unfortunately, this is something that has to be discovered and it's only needed about 30% of the time. We apologize for that inconvenience. It looks like there are notes from the AT&T tech saying he needs access to your neighbor's yard to work on this which also just complicates things. Coordinating access with neighbors is never smooth so we hope this all works out today. I suggest calling our support team after today's AT&T dispatch to request an earlier dispatch for a Sonic tech if you are not able to see BOTH broadband lights on the equipment after AT&T leaves. We will be more than happy to accommodate that for you.

We have absolutely not problem applying a credit to your account for the entire time it's been down/slow for the inconvenience. We just want to make sure this is actually delivered and all is working normally before we do that, so we have a start time and an end time for the trouble window. Hopefully we'll have Fiber in your area soon, so you can switch to that for much greater speeds without the AT&T partnership price markup in the future! I hope this information helps clarify what is going on and what is needed. We apologize that AT&T didn't deliver your line properly the first time as they gave no indication there was a problem to our team. Best of luck today! Call us if you end up getting both broadband lights to stay solid green as this indicates that the secondary dispatch on 3/12 would not be needed since both lines would then be in sync. Have a great day.

Kind Regards,

Jeff M.

Re: Installation troubles, getting really frustrated

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2021 5:37 pm
by cchung289
2/25 update:
Don't think anyone dropped by today. Left a note on the front door to call upon arrival. Nothing. Saw an AT&T van sitting across the street. Guess they were just napping in the back. Called Sonic support at 5:20pm. Was told AT&T came by YESTERDAY and said there's an issue with internal wiring? A Sonic technician needs to come by. Asked to see it there's an earlier appointment than 3/12. No luck. Guess I took a day off from work for nothing.

Broadband 2 still not working. Called billing yesterday and it looks like they'll offer me credit to use for future payment? If on 3/12 the Sonic technician says "we need AT&T to come by" I might just run into oncoming traffic.

Re: Installation troubles, getting really frustrated

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2021 12:54 pm
by cchung289

Technicians came by March 12th and brought up the 2nd line (got Fusion 2x). First line was still only giving me 3mbps and they booked an appointment with AT&T because the dial tone was down (or something like that)? At&T came by March 15th and fixed it. Internet is working well now.

Although installation was slow and there were bumps, customer service was pretty good. Having to wait two weeks for a technician is probably the biggest downside (had to do this twice), but I was easily able to reach someone via customer service and they were always clear and concise with me. They were also flexible with billing since I was without service for a couple weeks. Will continue to stick with them and see how reliable service is compared to Xfinity.