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Problems with technician setting up connection - What can I do? EDIT: RESOLVED

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:41 am
by martman321
EDIT: I was able to get in contact with Sonic customer service over the phone, and apparently the situation has actually been resolved. I understand Sonic is limited in how much it can dictate the performance of AT&T technicians, and apparently this situation fortunately worked itself out for reasons I don't fully understand, so this is no longer an issue. Leaving the initial post as a quote for posterity.

I am moving into a new place in Berkeley, and trying to make sure that my Sonic internet connection is set up around when I actually move completely. (So I currently have access to the building but am not yet fully moved in and living there) After signing up February 9th, I received an email indicating an appointment was assigned to me for yesterday, February 16th, for a technician to activate service at my "telephone box." I had indicated I did not know whether it was publically accessible because I had no idea if this was something inside the building, or some outdoor utility panel used for multiple buildings, etc. (I now know where the panel is inside the building, so I could give access to it)

The time window for this installation was 8am-8pm, which concerned me. I called Sonic and was told that the technician is supposed to call or notify me before their arrival, so I hoped I could make the 10 minute drive to the building when the technician was approaching. This did not happen.

The technician (apparently an AT&T tech) called the moment they arrived around 9:30am, and refused my offer to come over immediately, saying they didn't want to wait around; they wanted the phone number of a landlord/maintenance person, which I gave them, but they were apparently unable to reach the landlord and left very shortly after.

Someone at (I think) Sonic called me soon after to discuss why the "order had failed", seemed concerned at the fact that I was given a 12-hour window for installation, and said that she would figure out another appointment time and contact me by email. I was hoping that would be resolved by the end of the day but I haven't received any email or communication yet.

I'm frustrated because this process is making it seem like it may be impossible for me to get my connection set up as I move in, and it may instead be delayed for days or weeks after I move in. Once I get another appointment date, how can I give access to the technician to check the phone box if they won't notify me when they're coming and leave before I can get there? If I'm given a 12 hour window will I have to simply sit in the building and avoid being preoccupied for even 10 minutes at a time, lest the technician decide to leave again? Even if the appointment happens after I move in, what if I go to the store and the technician shows up and leaves within 10 minutes again? Why is this so hard?

My planned move-in date is this Saturday, February 20, and my appointment with Sonic to deliver and install the modem for my plan is Sunday, February 21. I'm worried that this first issue is going to prevent the Sunday appointment from succeeding, which it seems could delay the process a lot.

I tried calling Sonic support this morning but upon connecting to the operator heard only extremely loud static, and this happened multiple times. So I'm trying this instead.

Re: Problems with technician setting up connection - What can I do? EDIT: RESOLVED

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:16 am
by syntaxsid1

We apologize for that experience. We are working with AT&T to improve on their communication with our customers as well as us to prevent this "up in the air" type of feeling during an install. Most times during AT&T's line delivery, no one needs to be home since typically the box they need access to is generally accessible. There are also fewer techs in the field for installs and maintenance jobs due to the Pandemic and most are still repairing damaged infrastructure from the California Wild fires. This does make coordinating access when someone needs to be on site more difficult. We hope that as we flatten this curve for this Virus, they'll have more available techs and communication will improve once we return back to some resemblance of normalcy. We completely appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time, and we hope all goes smoothly for you going forward. The call center number seems to work fine this morning so we're not sure why you just heard loud static this morning. Keep us informed if this issue persists past today so we can investigate this further for you. Have a wonderful day and stay safe out there!

Kind Regards,

Jeff M.