by amayfield » Fri Feb 12, 2021 11:08 am
I'm sorry about the trouble with the 5268, there is a bug with the firmware with regard to bridging the device on a bonded ADSL2+ circuit - it usually doesn't work, and when it does it's unstable. As an alternative we typically suggest folks set up a LAN SUBPORT, though in your specific case that isn't an option since you have a Static IP.

In terms of getting a firmware update to fix that bug - we don't develop the firmware for these devices but we have reported the bug to the vendor that does. I don't know how actively they are working on firmware updates though, as far as I am aware they focus most of their resources on patching security issues as they arise. But at some point this particular bug could potentially be fixed.

Regarding your interactions with our support team - we are working from home, often in environments that aren't necessarily conducive to call center type work. It's not ideal, adds some complexity to our work, and can lead to some unexpected hiccups - such as dropped calls, inconsistent call fidelity, errant noises, etc.

Additionally, the issue you have been experiencing isn't one we see often given the specific sequence of events necessary to propagate it. As a result much of our support team aren't as intimately familiar with it as they may be for other kinds of issues we encounter on a daily basis. Much of the typing, putting on hold, etc is likely the support representatives reviewing previous call notes, internal documentation, and reaching out to their support leads for guidance on how to approach troubleshooting your specific issue.

With that being said I will be reviewing your support interactions from last night to identify areas where our representatives can and should be doing better, so thank you for the feedback.