by guest » Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:52 am
I am not yet a customer but even now I am planning my escape from Comcast data services. I live in Sunnyvale and I realize that my fare city is not on's list of fiber-to-the-home domains. ~But~, being master of my own house lot and having completed the appropriate buried service locates in preparation to trench in new lawn irrigation pipes, I also want to burry appropriate inner-duct out to my lot line where _all_ my current services arrive on this circle.

Based on's current FTTH deployments lease describe the best practices for a residential customer preparing for fiber arriving in the 'hood.
-Confirm that a buried, 3/4 inch, schedule 40 pipe w/pull cord will be an appropriate inner-duct.
-Confirm that placing a dedicated, buried handhole enclosure at the end of the above inner-duct is appropriate.
-Describe the current environment/space requirements for the CPE inside my (garage.) What else besides the power outlet and the ethernet hose?

-Describe the ~current~ fiber spec that is being pulled into the home?
-What connector is currently terminating the fiber into the CPE?
-What is the ~current~ preferred CPE device (make/model as of late 2011) that terminates the fiber?

I suspect that many forum readers will find this information useful.