Second public IP on basic GPON service

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by mloesel » Thu Dec 10, 2020 3:06 pm
Thanks for the response!

Malakai was awesome, and quickly came to the conclusion of what was wrong while I power cycled again, and he cleared our table so I'm glad it's still at just one. In our haste, Malakai and I didn't check which MAC addresses were filing up our table before he cleared, but our router should have always been on the table and somehow it got bumped off, causing the problem.

Good info on the LAN complication. I had to have our MAC table cleared back in 2019 or 2018; I forget exactly, but that was one of the reasons prompting me to look at the forums here and posting. We redesigned our network since then and have only had this new Netgear since our April before our older Netgear plugged into the ONT via the WAN/Internet ports. I'll admit that in the middle of my hour of late night troubleshooting I did change which port the Netgear uses for internet and can't honestly remember if I did that in the settings before or after moving the physical cable, but this was long after getting no handshake with Sonic.

Again, overall love Sonic and appreciate the support. I will never do a network/firmware upgrade outside of support hours again.
by bubba198 » Thu Dec 24, 2020 10:48 am
@Brian Thanks and yes this is a very controlled environment (for those who get it) and I wonder one last thing: does the OLT ever kill stale MAC addresses? Say one hasn't been seen in years, does it remain their indefinitely or until OLT reboot (I suppose that's very rate)? That puts a typical customer at 2 yes? One which the Sonic tech used by connecting their laptop for install-day test and the other which supposedly a customer router got plugged in since day-one and remained throughout the years?

Either way the ability to have multiple public IPs is awesome and a unique feature to Sonic compared to the rest of the players!

Don't change that!

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