Want to remain Sonic customer, Giga Fiber in City of Sonoma (95476) ?! Thank you!

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by jppommet » Thu Nov 19, 2020 8:26 pm
Hello Sonic,

Living in San Francisco for the past few years, I have been a proud Sonic customer for the last couple of years at least (may be more actually), you guys are truly kick-ass seriously when it comes to service and support. From my personal experience, I only have very positive things to say, zero complaints.

For some personal reasons I am moving to the city of Sonoma (5 blocks away from the square), it's a very welcome change but my questions are simple and very important:

I truly do not wish to switch to Xfinity at all they are the worst, very bad experience therefore,

What would it take to get GigaFiber in this city and remain a proud Sonic customer?Should I become a Sonic Business customer? Do I need to do some lobbying with the city of Sonoma?

If you are the CEO/Co-Founders/CTO/CustomerSupport/Loyal Customers, I welcome any suggestions to make it happen. Thank you!!
by brandonc » Tue Feb 23, 2021 5:50 pm
We are definitely working as hard as we can to build-out Fiber everywhere that we possibly can and have been trying to accelerate things due to the need for fast internet service from the pandemic. We will reach Sonoma eventually, but I'm not sure how long it will be. We do team up with AT&T and resell their gigabit Fiber in places where it's available to help increase our overall coverage, so there's a good chance that will reach your area to provide fast service through Sonic in the meantime.

The problem is that there are so many areas that are still bound to old DSL, that we can't realistically update all those area's infrastructure as fast as people need it. We typically look at the overall quality of infrastructure/speeds in areas where our customer base is the most dense, then build out our infrastructure and release it in small chunks until the entire area is completed, which can take months to a year to fully complete.

However, advocating for Fiber Optic infrastructure to city officials can speed up the process in some cases. We request for permits to do all of the build-out and that usually delays the process much longer than it really should take. However, if the city reaches out to Sonic to take on the project, then we can essentially skip to the front of the line and get things going much faster than normal.
Brandon C.
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