by jl_grogan » Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:29 pm
We subscribe to Sonic Fusion service in the Outer Parkside neighborhood of San Francisco. The service is delivered over AT&T's Fiber-to-the-Node.

For the past 2 weeks, service has been unreliable. Every 1-2 days, the Pace 5268ac locks up or reports no service in its logs. It takes a good 10-15m to restore service after power cycling the Pace router/modem.

When I call Sonic support, there's little or nothing they can do since it's AT&T's modem and AT&T's service. Rebooting the router/modem -- even when it occurs every 1-2 days -- was compared to bringing in one's car for an oil change. I only bring in my car's for an oil change ~3 months.

The recent instability may be due to a greater percentage of folk working from home. But, if Sonic Support can't support the AT&T product re-branded as Sonic Fusion, I'm seriously thinking about simply returning to AT&T. Returning to AT&T would also provide (at least) a 12 month cost savings as well. Sonic refuses to match AT&T's pricing for the same product.

As much as I dislike my experiences with AT&T, I think I'd prefer to work more directly with my service provided (i.e. have "one throat to choke"). At the moment, a call to Sonic support doesn't accomplish anything.

Is anyone else with Sonic Fusion over AT&T FttN experiencing troubles in the Outer Parkside? Is this a temporary grin & bear it situation with increased local usage? Have you had more success in getting resolution to issues you've reported?