Still can't get Fiber. Still Paying 64 bucks a month for 11 down 1 up in the middle of the Mission. SF

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by conandrum » Mon Mar 23, 2020 12:45 am
Comcast can run from the pole on the corner. I ran my own copper line 7 years ago with ATT's help for DSL. I still can't get fiber and I am literally paying the same as my neighbor who has fiber and 10x the speed. Kind of frustrating, honestly. I can see the fiber on the pole from my front window. I have permission from the neighboring landlord to follow the Comcast run which already runs to my building for my neighbor. I honestly don't understand why my early 2000s speed internet, that doesn't even meet US broadband standards, let alone international broadband standards isn't cheaper. I appreciate, the support , the privacy, the lack of throttling, the consistency, but this is ridiculous. The point of this post is I WANT FIBER for this price.
I pay 64+ dollars a month for admittedly pretty rock-solid DSL but it's 11 down and 1 up. I have roommates, who upload occasionally. That slams DSL. I understand why, but I feel like my internet is stuck in the past. And I can see the future 10 metres away? Not even? I have contacted technical support multiple times and received multiple answers as to why I can't have fiber. They have been super cool and suggest that I take pictures and send them in and etc. I don't feel like doing my own homework and because you get the same money, I feel that you have no incentive or obligation to ever hook me up. I am not far enough away from the pole for the micro-trenching excuse to work. I am one building away from a pole with fiber.
The rollout to my hood was 3 ? years ago. Please give me fiber because I am a fan of your company and have sent multiple customers your way with nary a thanks or a credit. Oh yeah, I have been paying this amount for 8 years! That's enough money to get my own run as this point I think.
You know, sorry to b**** so much here, but where else?
I do love Sonic and want to support local.
Please help.
by Burrston » Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:50 am
Yeah, same frustration, same neighborhood, same circumstances, same response from Sonic - that means: NO answers!

"Hello, Sonic!" We're asking a simple question: why can't you give us some straight information as to:

1) Is Sonic in conversation with the City about the hold-up with the 'micro-trenching' issue (the official reason for the delay of fiber roll-out to all neighborhoods)?

2) What is the City's response?

3) Have they given Sonic a timeline for resolution?

4) Who should we contact at City Hall to put pressure and help move the needle?

I've posted to this forum. I've e-mailed specific people (Dane, community support reps, etc.) - NOTHING but crickets from Sonic. Very disappointing from an otherwise responsive, helpful, reliable company. Seems like they don't give a damn' anymore.
by Larns576 » Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:50 pm

I think it's safe to say microtrenching is dead. It hasn't been touched since Farrell left office and I don't see Breed taking it up ever.
by conandrum » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:33 am
You've posted replies to other people Dane.
Can I please have fiber one house away from Twentieth st. on Mission St. in SF.
I will run it myself if you leave me a coil on the pole.
Also, what's up with copper landline and fiber package?
Thanks in advance.
I have been waiting patiently, paying my 64 bucks a month for 11mbps down and 1mbps up, which is honestly kind of rough these days if you ever want to upload any content while you are stuck inside out of work.
Please help.
Best wishes to the sonic team.
by Also annoyed » Fri Mar 27, 2020 9:03 pm
I'm in exactly the same boat. 18th and Dolores. Only I'm getting 6mbps. Every time I see an add or a Sonic van go by with the "Gig for $40/mo" ad my blood pressure goes up. If you're going to give us crappy service and no solution just be honest with us or charge us a fair price.
by Conandrum » Sun Apr 19, 2020 5:09 pm
Still no reply. Still watching the coil of fiber, on the pole of Twentieth and Mission Street in central San Francisco, swinging in the wind. Considering that all of my roommates are home and wanting to use the internet simultaneously the bandwidth available to us at 64 dollars a month via Sonic is looking worse and worse. 11.5 down 1 up is garbage by international standards and even by US broadband standards. Why doesn't my cost per month reflect the low connection speed. I am in the middle of a supposedly technologically advanced city next to Silicon Valley and I get early 2000s internet speed. I want to go with Sonic and I have paid my bill here for 8 years and never complained until now. I like Sonic's policies in general, except for the new insistence that I will have to have a credit card on file to make it easier for them to pull the 64+ dollars out of my account each month. I don't like recurring charges. How hard is it to send me an email reminder and then just puil my service if I don't pay the next month? The answer is it is not hard. The credit card on file is for their benefit not yours. This post is inspired by my roommates bitching at me about the 1 mbps upload speed!!! Trying to livestream/ upload content, all the stuff people with non-legacy DSL connections take for granted, is infuriating. They are asking me what can we do to get a better connection speed. They understand that our download will take a 90% hit in speed if I reverse the DSL, and don't want to do that. For 64+ dollars a month, considering I can see the fiber on the pole, I deserve better internet speed or at least a reply.
by brandon.cowen » Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:34 pm
I understand how frustrating it can be to have DSL when there are neighbors who have Fiber. The truth is we are working as fast as possible to build out more infrastructure, but there can be issues that come along that delay the process. For example, if a pole is overloaded, if we're waiting on permits, or if the site requires additional construction which requires a permit. In these situations, we more or less are waiting on another party to complete their end of things and until then we don't have that much information to give unfortunately. As far as the micro-trenching goes, it's just not viable for us due to the regulations surrounding it as well as the cost involved. If this wasn't the case, then we would gladly switch you to Fiber, so we could cut AT&T out of the picture and save a lot of headaches.

I know it's not the same as Fiber to the home, but we do have available upgrades to 75mbps download and 8mbps upload going over AT&T's Fiber to the node infrastructure. I know it's not preferable due to the price being $70/mo + taxes/fees, but I thought I should let you know there's another option there since you did mention you struggle with the connection speed when uploading occurs.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a direct message.

Kind regards
by reward » Fri May 08, 2020 5:07 pm
I have been paying exactly that, for the same 11 -13/down 1/up speed, for Pacific Bell/SBS/AT&T service contracted by Sonic for years and accepted it until Sonic installed fiber all around me. My neighbor across the street has it. The neighbor on the other side of my backyard fence has it. But not my side of the block, since the utility poles run through the back yards. Everywhere else has on-street utility poles, or back alleys/easements for the utilities.

Fiber, fiber, everywhere, and not a byte for me! I've even thought of splitting the cost of my neighbor's service and installing WiFi mesh in their house and mine. I know it's hard to leave Sonic because I struggled. But at last, I've found an alternative in Monkeybrains, which offers 50 - 70 Mbps down for only $35/mo (that's it too - no taxes or fees). I know they're well-established in the Mission and might have even faster speeds. Give them a shout and see.
by Conandrum » Sun May 17, 2020 11:42 pm
my landlord is a dick and won't let me get MonkeyBrains. I want!!!!
I borrowed my neighbor's Xfinity because me and my roommate both had streaming shows.
It just made me realize what the fuck I have been dealing with.
For THE SAME PRICE, and yes dealing with a shit company. 60 down 17 up.
I was all whoa!!!!!!!
Sonic has offered me a price increase and it still doesn't match that. I can see the pole on the corner!
Comcast runs from the same pole to my building. My neighbor has fiber. Please hook it up SONIC!!!!
I tried to get Monkey Brains 10 years ago. Forgot my landlord is a tool. HAHA
Much love to everyone. Sonic... a little love? tech support? I have offered to run my own fiber from the pole just give me a inlet.
by conandrum » Wed May 20, 2020 2:05 pm
37 minutes on hold for tech support right now and counting...
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