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by wannabeswede » Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:44 am
I'm in Albany and recently started using a service called Shadow (Cloud computing) and while dealing with an issue I ran a speed test for the first time since I first got Sonic Fiber almost a year ago. People were surprised at how low my speeds were considering I was on Fiber

I'm on 5Ghz Wifi and my Sonic Speed Test is showing ~200Mpbs DL and 340Mbps UL

All equipment is the same and nothing has changed

I talked to support and they suggested connecting a laptop with a GB Ethernet port to the RJ45 coming out of the ONT (correct term?) to see what speed I see but unfortunately all my laptops are ultraslim and don't have an RJ45 port :-(

What does everyone else normally see for DL & UL speeds?

Tack (Swedish for thanks)
by cmeisel » Tue Mar 17, 2020 3:27 pm
Wifi speeds are all over the place for me as fast as 400 and as low as 90. My wired speed is pretty much always 900-950 up and down. Wifi is unreliable and has nothing to do with Sonic. I would recommend to get an ethernet dongle on Amazon. As much work as it was, I wired most places where I wanted reliable fast speed. On my wifi machine, I still have ethernet dongles for things like backup and restore, where I might want max speed.
by larns576 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 8:45 am
At best I get 300Mb DL / 500Mb UL on wifi using the Eero Pro but usually I'm in the 100Mb-200Mb range depending on where I'm standing. Wifi speeds really depend on what router and client devices you have, but almost all tend to max out around 300-4000Mb download.

If you want faster speeds, I recommend looking into a wifi 6 mesh solution like the Wifi 6 Orbi , Wifi 6 Velop, or Amplifi Alien. You'd also have to upgrade the wireless card in your laptop to Wifi 6 as well. Even then, I doubt you'll get close to Gb DL on wifi.

200Mb on wifi is normal
You'll have to plug it in to get Gb speeds
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