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by ewhac » Fri Feb 28, 2020 12:18 am
I just replaced my flaky "I'm gonna reboot now because SQUIRREL!" ZyXel modem with a Pace 5268AC. Since I have other boxes to perform all my LAN services, I don't need the modem to do anything other than modem, so I tried to set it to bridge mode, as detailed here: ... idged_mode

This didn't appear to work (DSL synced, but no traffic was getting through). With the help of Sonic tech support, I eventually used the "LAN Subports" feature, which is basically bridge mode, but only on designated ports: ... N_Subports

While this works, it's somewhat unsatisfying, and it's also got the modem in a weird state where everything's working fine, but the "Service" LED on the modem is red (although I think I know what that's about).

Does anyone else here have experience with bridge mode on the Pace 5268, what difficulties you may have encountered, and how you addressed them?
by johnpong » Sat Mar 07, 2020 1:53 pm
2-3 months ago, everything was working on Static IP with Bridge but then it suddenly stopped working.
It turns out that there was a bug in the firmware that was sent out (confirmed with Sonic Support).
It took me 1 week to debug.

Everything has been working since I changed back to Dynamic IP with Lan Sub ports. I would rather go back to static IP, I am actually kind of annoyed, but I don't have time to go back to a non-working configuration right now and debug.

Bridge mode turns on the Red light because then the Modem doesn't get an IP Address. That is how Sonic manages your modem and checks on the health.

The 5268AC gets firmware gets updated periodically and sometimes things break in a "advanced user" configuration. I would say that I get problems every 9 months.
by lasevich » Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:47 am
For what it's worth, random rebooting is not the worst thing. I had to rig up homemade hardware/software for my Sonic 5268 because every week or two it just decides to lock up, and need a manual, physical reboot. And yes, it's in the unsupported "passthrough” (aka bridge) mode...
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