by flex-brannigan » Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:35 pm
As a long-time Sonic customer it looks like I'll have to switch to the only available alternative — Satan's own company — Comcast. I'm tired of paying the same price for a 15 Mbps connection I've had since 1999 [some with AT&T before switching several years ago] while my neighbor across the back fence pays the same as I do for 66x more bandwidth.

Customers like me paid their bills and helped make your company profitable to the point where you could build this fiber network, only to be left out because of some regulatory BS. I get it — there would have to be some time and effort spent to get this done in San Francisco, but since the low-hanging fruit is easier, we're left with our current situation. I'm tired of waiting.

Serious question: When was the last time someone from Sonic talked to someone at city hall about this situation?