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Fusion-Compatible Bonded DSL Modems

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 5:02 pm
by ewhac
It's starting to look like my old Zyxel modem is very earnestly crapping out; it's spontaneously rebooting without apparent provocation (not merely de-syncing/re-syncing, an actual full no-warnings reboot). Sonic have kindly sent out a new modem but, while I was able to buy the Zyxel outright way-back-when, they only provide the current modems on a rental basis. So I'm researching alternative modems.

The very nice support tech told me I should look for a Pace 5268 without AT&T or CenturyLink branding, but those appear to be next to impossible to find. However, if you search for "bonded VDSL2 modem," a few more options turn up. I obviously don't want to waste my time with something that won't work, so I'm wondering what buzzwords and standards compliance I should look for. For example, this is available on NewEgg, and could be promising if it's actually compatible (doesn't look like it supports Annex M, though): ... e_en.shtml

I also discovered that Arris acquired Pace back in early 2016, and further tripped over an Open Source release for Arris/Pace 5268 modems hosted on SourceForge, which could be interesting:

It's entirely probable I'll stick with the rented Pace for a while, but I'd like to better understand possible options.

Re: Fusion-Compatible Bonded DSL Modems

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 10:20 am
by gtwrek
I have a Kasda KW5225 that I used with Sonic fusion bonded DSL a few years ago, that's no longer used. (I upgraded to Fiber).
I remember, at the time, doing similar research to confirm that this would work with Sonic. It took a little tweaking, but I got it to work.

It's yours if you'd like it - you'd need to figure out delivery. PM if interested.