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So pleased to see sonic no longer doing amazon promos

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:36 pm
by orm
In the spring and summer last year I noticed sonic sending out some promos that had an amazon gift card or something as an incentive. (I collect my neighbor's mail for her).

I just want to say that I think very highly of sonic in general and had a bad feeling when I saw that. Sort of like "you too, huh?" thinking that "even sonic" couldn't hold out against that machine.

In the last couple of years I have completely stopped doing business with all amazon brands. I now get audiobooks from which is an awesome service.

Why ban amazon? Firstly, they are a mega-monopoly that >sadly< and >sometimes insecurely< hosts the back-end of like 2/3 of the "internet"... also now with recent global developments, questions are being raised about the wisdom of consolidated manufacturing and supply-chain management.
Secondly, and maybe more importantly, their CEO decided that contentious issues should be >censored instead of talked about, listened to, watched, or read about.<
I fundamentally disagree with that and now see them as just another facebook/twitter machine that selectively decides what people should >think<. When you are a huge hub of information exchange through books and other media, it is your responsibility to remain neutral, like sonic is neutral about what we do with our internet connections, even fighting for us to keep the whole internet "neutral".
Thirdly, don't forget the abuse of its employees that's made more headlines recently...

This isn't news to many of you probably that amazon is like this. However, it was startling to see that Sonic, a company that I think is pretty much antithetical to all those nasty censorship-thought-control-things I just mentioned, would align itself and even promote such a company.

I'm so happy to say that it's been long enough, and I haven't seen anymore of those flyers in my friends mailbox since then, that it looks like sonic has thought better of this.

Thank you Sonic, for correcting course. There's nothing like practiced logic to make me smile.

P.s. Life without amazon (and brands) is like a breath of fresh air, you can seriously get basically everything elsewhere, just not always with that temptation of free 2day ship... the extra cost and/or shipping time? Well worth it to have a clear conscience. I >really< don't need most things that quickly, especially if I plan on my needs, projects, and gifts. I have really rediscovered shopping local for more accessible things in my area to boot.

pps Big Brother is here folks, and it celebrates itself every July. Amazon remained fairly neutral about censorship until it found itself at a crossroads of power and influence, and decided to make an immoral decision: the people should >not< decide for themselves, the elite few should. Anti-information in the Information Age as a hub of Information itself? That's an ugly picture.

I choose to celebrate Sonic, the way internet access should be, whenever ISPs come up in conversation.