by » Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:07 pm
I have been a Sonic customer for many years in San Rafael, CA. Several years ago, during your price hike, I spoke with customer support and the explanation for the price hike was that Sonic was installing fiber optic internet cable and it was going to take time to install through out your customer base. Last week a neighbor told me that they have a fiber optic connection through AT&T-much to my surprise.
As a long time customer I feel that I am being ignored for you to gain new customers with fiber optics in different communities-such as Oakland. Yet, our community in San Rafael was an early supporter of as you were starting out. I pay and have paid for DSL what the fiber optic customers were paying for their service.
Please have the courtesy of letting me know when you will be bringing a fiber optic internet connection, to San Rafael, so that I too will be making a business decision, in my best interest.