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eero Pro coverage, and other eero related questions

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:53 pm
by eliu01
Would an eero Pro by itself provide better coverage than a Pace 5268AC? My upstairs has generally been OK, with occasional dropouts, but since upgrading my Pixel 2 to Android 10, 5GHz connections can be unstable. Because fixes for Android can't be predicted, I'm considering switching to eero. Using a Beacon would certainly improve upstairs coverage, but if the Pro is sufficient I'd prefer not to.

That said, it appears that Sonic does not offer a Pro-only option - the cheapest "starter" kit includes a Beacon. Why isn't a Pro-only option available, since you can buy a single Pro?

Secondly, the eero Pro would replace the Pace 5268AC completely, correct? With Sonic-native fiber, the "modem" is the ONT, and thus it's a direct swap?

Lastly, the rental fee for the eero is not an additional fee, but replaces the fee for the Pace?


Re: eero Pro coverage, and other eero related questions

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:48 am
by larns576
Yep, the Eero + beacon rental would be a direct replacement for the pace rental, but it costs slightly more (+$3.50/mo I think?). From my personal testing, the Pace had the worst range of any router I've ever used. The Eero router itself was decent, but when you add in a beacon, you have more flexibility.

My guess is that a lone Eero router wouldn't provide much more benefit/range than a lone Pace router, so an Eero + Beacon package would make more sense for most people that need better coverage.

I would definitely consider the Eero upgrade as it only costs a few $ more and you'll get better range and flexibility with the extra Beacon, should you decide to use it. Can also use the beacon as a night light if you dont need its wifi capabilities.