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Weird service black hole in Outer Sunset

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:16 pm
by DanS

I'm moving to Moraga Street in the middle of the block between 42nd and 43rd avenue in San Francisco, and Sonic is only able to resell ATT fiber at that address.

But it turns out that on the corner of 42nd and Moraga (1695 42nd) and the corner of 43rd and Moraga (1694 43rd), Sonic fiber is available. It also turns out that the block of Moraga between 42nd and 41st has Sonic service.

So I appear to be on a very small island of no service surrounded by a sea of service. The closest house with service is probably less than 50 feet away. I've called sales three times and while everybody had been very nice, no one can tell me why only my block is impossible to serve.

It appears I'll have to change providers unless someone can take a deeper look and tell me if there's any hope of extending Sonic fiber the extra 50 feet. Appreciate any help or information!


Re: Weird service black hole in Outer Sunset

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:05 pm
by dane
The reason that addresses on Moraga West of 42nd lack access is an infrastructure issue. Sonic's cable on Moraga ends at a down-guy at the intersection of 42nd, which you can see here:

The reason for this is that a pole along this route is or was overloaded, and this condition precludes new deployment. So, headed Westward, there's a pole somewhere there that is unsafe, so we cannot attach new infrastructure to it, and have to back up to the next viable stopping point and anchor down and end the cable. Homes beyond that point cannot be reached.

Currently there is no mechanism that would allow us to reinforce the unsafe pole, nor can we compel the pole owners to do so. It is an impasse, I'm afraid. The CPUC has asked us some questions on this topic, but has taken no action yet as far as I know. Allowing the repair of overloaded poles would both improve safety and allow for competitive deployment, so I am hopeful that eventually they will step in.