by guest » Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:02 pm
Fiber, with Gateway ARRIS BGW210-700.

One ancient Laserjet 1300 with Jetdirect card (Ethernet interface) is at the far end of a EOP link then a hub.

Laptops with Win7, Vista, XP have always been able to print over wifi to this printer for a decade. Also the Win7 pc 'directly' cabled to the gateway over EOP prints effortlessly. Everything simply works.

Now there's a new Win10 laptop that can print same as the others only when it's a guest of a wifi repeater. But it doesn't send the printer wakeup signal when this laptop is hosted by the main gateway's wifi. In this case, toggle the printer off/on and the print job comes out.

I need to mention one 'repeater' is a retired router that gets its signal from EOP, another repeater is a TP-Link Wifi and Ethernet access point EOP device. So all the gateway's signal goes out through its Ethernet ports except when someone is so close to the gateway that they can connect to its wifi - and that's when the Win10 laptop acts differently than everything else.

There has to be something in the ARRIS gateway that blocks the printer wakeup code only from Win10 and only when the Win10 laptop connects directly to the gateway's wifi.

Any advice?