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by Guest » Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:57 am
I'm seriously considering switching to Sonic Fusion (from ATT), and I have found most of the answers to my questions already, but I still have a few.

1. I'm come to the conclusion that my existing DSL filters on phone and fax will be inadequate. Are the ADSL2+ filters supplied, or do I have to purchase? If purchased from you, how much are they?
2. After reading the reviews regarding the ZTE 831 Modem, my concern is that if it should go kaput, say on a Friday evening; can my existing DSL modem (Speedstream 5360) be configured to work as a back up (albeit at a slower speed)? It's highly that I'll buy a GT701D, either as a back up or as the primary and use the ZTE as back up.
3. I've read a little about the 2 line bonded ADSL2+, specifically from someone on another forum, I forget exactly where, saying that they didn't meet the requirements for the bonded lines, i.e. something about old phone lines. What are the minimum requirements for the 2 line bonded ADSL2?
4. Is there a static IP option available for Fusion, and how much is it (if available)? I'm currently with ATT and have dynamic IP addressing, and while it's fairly stable, resets on average every 7 to 10 days.

Finally, I'm quite impressed from what I've read regarding your service(s), and look forward to the answers to my questions.

by wa2ibm » Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:19 am
1. If you purchase a modem from Sonic, a set of filters will be supplied with it. At least mine was.

2. Yes, your existing Speedstream should work on a single Fusion line. You have to ensure that it's set for Bridged mode instead of PPPoE as ATT uses it.

3. Fusion, like any DSL product, is highly dependent on the copper pair network. This includes not only the ATT cable between you and the Central Office (CO), but the wiring within your home as well. I have Fusion service at 11K feet from the CO. It's slow because of the distance, but it still works. Typically, the closer you are to the CO, the better. YMMV

4. Static IP's are available for $20/month. For that, you get 8 addresses and no firewall filtering of incoming ports like http and smtp. Dynamic lines have those ports blocked and you can't change that through member tools like you can with the DSL products from Sonic.

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by dane » Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:34 pm
One note: Only port 25 is blocked for dynamic IPs. This is to prevent the sourcing of spam by compromised hosts. Obviously with static IPs, you're possibly running a mail server, so port 25 is open.

Dane Jasper
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