intermittent outage in downtown SF?

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by racerlupine » Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:17 pm

That's a good idea but under the circumstances I'm inclined to leave well enough alone. My line logger shows no outages or "weirdness" since the changes that were made to the modem. Plus I'm not sure I can even get to the MPOE here.

by Losing our Loyalty » Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:36 pm
racerlupine wrote:
Losing our Loyalty wrote:
Took two techs and a couple of hours but the problem is fixed. Intermittency finally traced to a bad "green" cable, from the modem to the line conversion coupler. Our loyalty and faith in Sonic is restored.

That'd be the RJ11 cable. Glad to hear they got it sorted.

It's been about a day and a half since Dan reconfigured my modem, so far the intermittent outage issue is resolved. I've got a line logger running which proves that. Apparently it was the signal-to-noise ratio on my line, which doesn't surprise me. The wiring in this falling apart (literally) crappy (ew) old (119 years) building is a nightmare. It's a wonder it works at all.


Funny story, they were ready to swap out the modem right before they found the damaged cable. Next morning I found a box at the bottom of our stairs out front, miraculously untouched by porch pirates, containing a brand new Pace modem which they apparently left behind in haste. Called tech support, they wanted me to ship it to them, I balked; after all - I'm being the honest nice guy here, it's not my problem, "you come get it" - they claimed to be "not set up" to come retrieve it but promised not to charge me for it. . . how gracious, eh ? I'll keep it as a hot swap for future problems.
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