by badufamily » Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:00 am
Hi folks,

I am looking at upgrading from a solid, if slow, Sonic DSL line to one of the fusion IP offerings; FX2 or FX3. However I want to keep my internal networking as it now is, and not have a lot of unnecessary stuff running.

My current setup, which works great modulo speed, is

Sonic DSL Modem -> Zyxel USG Firewall - Managed Switches - everything else ( wireless, wired etc )

The Zyxel is a dual Wan adapter and the second WAN is connected to another vendors WISP service, which for our area had been much much faster than our solid Sonic offering.

The WISP is faster than the DSL, and so DSL is fail over for the WISP. This is fine and works well; some of the traffic is routed to DSL ( Amazon Glacier storage stuff ) and most others ( work at home stuff ) through the WISP.

Given the Fusion IP speeds I want to simply upgrade the Sonic connection and reverse the fail-over.

Aside from whatever the point-of-entry connection is, does this Fusion IP level of service have a mess of other gear which would get in my way?

thanks, Casey 10+year customer IIRC

ps: I am asking here because I don't know which sales support person I'll get or their level of training