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Any idea on availability once fiber lines installed.

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:26 pm
by Sonichaley
Hi folks,

Last week, the fiber lines went in on my block in NW Oakland (market and 45th). Any idea how long it will take to bring the block online now that the fiber is done?

(Anxiously awaiting the connection!)

Re: Any idea on availability once fiber lines installed.

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:07 pm
by dane
The unfortunately answer is, it varies. Finishment of the network involves completion of splicing at local convergence point cabinets, interconnection to backbone, central office equipment activation, and finally activation in our provisioning platforms. A very rough "few months" is probably realistic in most cases, but it's widely variable due to dependencies throughout the system. For example, we've had situations where we've had to wait a long time for permits to place a key backbone cable. Or, scenarios where an underground connection was required, and we had to coordinate and get that completed. Central office entrance cables can also hold things up, as can inside plant (in the CO) work.

Building a new all-fiber network as a new competitive carrier is a complex endeavor, and I'm super proud of our entire team here for making it all happen. We're now serving over 1/3rd of our Sonic members on our own gigabit fiber, and that's a major milestone.

For our members, please please spread the word as widely as you can. This all works because of membership - the more members, the lower our costs per members to build the network, and the more network we can build. Together, we can build a better internet access solution, disrupt duopoly, and have nice things. ;)