by nobaq » Sun Jun 04, 2023 12:35 am
This is a highly technical question. I am aware that IP addresses are assigned via DHCP and may change (at least when the optical termination box looses power, for example).

My question: Does the default gateway (that's also assigned via DHCP) change frequently? Or can this be expected to be static (at least first, order)? I assume that if I always get assigned an IP in the current network (it's a /21), then should be the gateway and fairly static. So maybe different question is: Will the dynamically assigned IP be from the same subnet or does this change dynamically as well?

Background: I have some very unusual policy routing configuration where I have a second uplink via WWAN. Hence on my router I can't automatically let the DHCP client populate the default gateway in the routing table, I need to do this manually and add a policy for this entry. If I do this, I'd like to know if in the grand scheme on things, would be fairly static for me or if I need to assume it changes dynamically/frequently.