Sonic has been amazing through power outages - why?

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by hansons3hyde » Sat Mar 18, 2023 3:20 pm
Hey there!

We are fortunate to have solar + batteries at our house, so we have been able to stay up during these multi-day outages in Redwood City recently. Amazingly, Sonic has been pretty much rock solid. Curious about this... Is this because it's a pure optical connection from our home all the way to the CO? Like... the strand of fiber that goes to our house... does it not have any electrical boosting or anything like that? Just goes on its own fiber all the way to the CO, so as long as the CO is up, our connection is up?

Or is it some other reason that it's been reliable, like backup power on power poles or something?

I'd love to understand how this works. Thanks!
by dane » Sat Mar 18, 2023 6:21 pm
Yes, it's a passive optical network (PON), so there are no electronics in the outside plant. As long as the CO has power, your connection should remain online. (And the CO should really never lose power, it has huge on-site batteries, plus generators and on-site fuel storage.)

* Narrow exception: there are three Sonic fiber locations where the optical link budget (the amount of light over distance) was insufficient to allow direct service out of the CO. A small outside plant "CO" cabinet is used in these sites. These street-side cabinets have their own batteries and a generator plug point but no generator - we have to hustle out to them with a generator truck if/when there is a power outage. Currently, the only city where these cabinet-based deployments have been used is Brentwood in the East Bay, where a little over 60% of the homes there are served are connected to a small CO cabinet instead of the actual CO. The remainder connect directly to the CO. All other residential services in all other cities are currently served exclusively out of large conventional CO buildings.
Dane Jasper
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